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About Coolview™

Welcome To Coolview™


As a pioneer in the development of LED lighting tools for the operating and exam room, Coolview™ has been trusted by thousands for its quality, reliability and comfort. Today, our products light the way for professionals across the world in numerous industries and countless applications.

But for us, it’s not just about the light. It’s about comfort and convenience, and it’s about our customers. Our engineers have developed a suite of great lighting products—lightweight, tether-free and powered by long-running, rapid charge batteries. All that, combined with the brightest, cleanest light in each of our product categories.


The Coolview™ Promise medical lighting warranty

We’re proud of our products at Coolview™… and we stand behind them. Coolview™ is proudly Made in the USA by a team committed to quality and reliability. Our warranty guarantees five years of coverage for the light source and one year of coverage for everything else. In the rare event you need to have your light repaired, we promise to have a replacement light in your hands within 48 hours, if your facility is in the US.

Company Contacts

Director of Sales: Linda Donaldson
Manufacturing and Operations: Steven DeBrock
Director of Engineering: Jeff Rosino


1214 West 6th Street, Suite 201
Austin, TX 78703 US

Phone: 866-961-6441
Fax: 863-825-6002
Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 4:00 pm (EST)


Made in the USA

All Coolview™ products are proudly made in the USA, in our Georgia manufacturing facility.

Coolview™ products are on contract with the United States Veterans Administration and can be viewed on GSA Advantage.

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